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nervous about

I love this quote, shows up on lots of my art. Speaking of art, my main art group (Nervousness) site has not been up since Thursday ... concerns me. Last time that happened ('97? '98?) all of the info on the site was lost. I swap a lot of art over there and it is a group of people that I just would miss so much! I have most of the snails I need to complete trades but still... the daily interaction is a large part of the artistic community. And, speaking of community, Peace is coming over around 10am to scrapbook... as is another friend later in the morning. All critters have been fed/watered/cleaned so now it is time for me to start making some decos that are due out for the June round of swaps.

Let it out, let it out....

ah, waking up to Daughtry...I do like that band :-) Today is the 1st day of my vacation! Staycation, I should call it... staying at home, working on weeds, scrapbook, cards, a run to the market, etc.

This card, if you can see the detail, has been embossed over the entire background. The butterfly is vellum put on w/3D dots & glitter over the glue dots. The phrase is a sticker. Easy!

I'll do whatever it takes

Sarah wanted a card custom tailored for her dad... so this is his fave quote & cartoon duck...the inside is a pic of the duck "Mafia Style" looking over at the blank side where her personal note would go. Hope her parental unit liked it :-)


Cranes, crashing...LOL... not my intent, just the song I woke up with. So, this is a simple card, image on basic grey CS, ink is Lime colored fluid chalk (I love FC!). I thought it was plain, needed something more.. but the cranes seem to like it like that, so I quit trying to add to it.

Rebel is in Galveston, working for a couple of weeks repairing a home hit by storms. I miss him, but just out of college, living in a beach house while you fix it... I bed he is having a blast. I would be. Sun, surf to wash of sweat of hard work...oh to be young!

2 more days until vacation!

Over You

I thought this ATC was fitting, since we've had May showers :-) and may we continue to have them!! Got a bathtub off craigslist for free. I've been looking for one so I have a goodly sized watering hole for the coyotes & such this summer. Apparently this particular tub was chipped during install, thereby making it useless to the installer. Our gain!! What they did NOT say in the listing was that the darn thing was MARBLE! Took 5 of us to get it off the truck...thank Goddess for neighbors! So, since the recent rain has left the back yard a bit soggy, we are waiting for the ground to dry & will then gather neighbors AGAIN to take the tub out behind the mesquite trees. And then pray for MORE rain to fill it. Then I will fashion stpes of some sort for the shorter legged critters, maybe put in a little minibar or someting, give it some class. Even wildlife likes to party at times, ya never know.

It's never too late...

Yes, I know, you can't really SEE this card. And that was the card in real life... pale, muted blues applied with a brayer and then butterfly stamps (SU) stamped TWICE, once in white ink & then again with blue ink JUST SLIGHTLY off from the original stamping so that they are shadowed. Then stamp the heart once in a slightly darker blue.

Seniors 2009

A friend of mine has a daughter graduating high school in a few short days. Funny, isn't it, how they age & we don't? So we went today & did some photos for the portfolio folder thing (came with the invitations, cap & gown, etc). Got some really good ones, I think. Here is one: