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Glory Days

The last glories of summer...oh, wait, this is central is summer all the way until Thanksgiving!! Well, Rebel was enjoying the last days until college started back up....

I am beyond appalled @ McCain's choice of Veep

Sarah Palin's record on environment is abysmal
By RICK STEINER GUEST COLUMNIST (Rick Steiner is a professor at the University of Alaska)

While I disagree with many of Sen. John McCain's policies, I was willing to concede that he may at least make a wise, rational president and represent a step in the right direction for the nation. No longer. With his pick of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, he has shown a spectacular, even dangerous lack of judgment.
In addition to her frightening lack of qualification to be vice president (much less president) of the United States, Palin is an evangelical, anti-choice, pro-gun, right-wing conservative who wants creationism taught in schools. She is currently under investigation by the Alaska Legislature for alleged abuse of office. Many of us in Alaska simply cannot imagine Palin having anything to do with U.S. foreign policy, domestic policy, national defense or the countless other affairs of federal governance.
A …