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today's quote

"If you call forth that which is in you, it will save you. If you do not call forth what is in you, it will destroy you." from the Gospel of St Thomas

me & Loverboy....

...everybody's working for the weekend.... :-) Well, okay, not really WORKING. Maybe that is an overstatement? I have a relaxing weekend planned after being in Idaho all of last weekend. Working for a few hours tomorrow, then off to the Blood Drive... vampiric souls love my AB+.
Rick is now a granddaddy!! He shared the news with me his first, hopefully not the last (he says). Got some new software that I can play with under the guise of "Work" whilst I design brochures and the like. Pagan Meetup is next Weds, I am so looking forward to it... still have not read the book Aust suggested...damnit! However, I did read 3 others in the last week. Either my reading list is too long, or I just don't have as much free time as I would like. I could wonder why that is, but I KNOW why... because I have places to go & things to do today! What a gift... a life I ENJOY!

Home again, home again, jiggety jig...

I must say, I had a terrific time in Boise w/my online group of gals!! I was not the "outgoing all the time, gotta go gotta go" gal that I wanted to be perceived as, but I was me and that is what matters. I took some time to myself to rest and I took time to soak up the energy of the gals I was with. Wow... 20 this year? OMG, come a long way since Houston in 2000, I think 8 of us attended. Next year is Fort Worth!! Close to home, I am so excited!! After that, back to the Winter Wonderland as it will be held in Chicago! Only time I've been there is when I had a connection to make @ O'Hare. ..I've never stepped outside the airport.

Got home just after 1am Tuesday, got a few hours sleep & then into work. Ouch. Got the bill for Celica repairs at midnight when Amy dropped me at shop... $575. Another OUCH! Arrived home last night around 6pm with a list of chores. Unpacked, did 2 loads of laundry plus my bedding, scooped both cat litters, changed out Lizzie's sh…