me & Loverboy....

...everybody's working for the weekend.... :-) Well, okay, not really WORKING. Maybe that is an overstatement? I have a relaxing weekend planned after being in Idaho all of last weekend. Working for a few hours tomorrow, then off to the Blood Drive... vampiric souls love my AB+.
Rick is now a granddaddy!! He shared the news with me his first, hopefully not the last (he says). Got some new software that I can play with under the guise of "Work" whilst I design brochures and the like. Pagan Meetup is next Weds, I am so looking forward to it... still have not read the book Aust suggested...damnit! However, I did read 3 others in the last week. Either my reading list is too long, or I just don't have as much free time as I would like. I could wonder why that is, but I KNOW why... because I have places to go & things to do today! What a gift... a life I ENJOY!
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