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catching up

Well, most of the fires at work are put out.... and I have now been to the grocery store, crossed all 10 items off of Monday's "to do" list. As a treat, I spent last night rolling polymer clay through the pasta machine (then made some beads with that) while Elizabeth visited and crocheted. Tonight I will be typing up 2 more chapters of the autobiography I am working on{ for a publisher... is really interesting... is about one of Texas's Attorney Generals experiences in and out of the war, the Texas legal system, the inner machinations of the Texas government }. On the way back from publisher's, I inadvertantly drove past David's old apartment... felt like a kick in the stomach. We had such great times there... sometimes the loss is felt more vividly, I guess, even 5 months later. Saturday Nov 5th is our 1st Annual Company BBQ, so will be a fun weekend. Then, next weekend I go to Mom's!! Wish I could see brother & his family a little more often, …

And so begins November

Well, it is THE SEASON at work, so I am being kept fairly busy. With that said, I inherited a pasta maker yesterday and stayed up cranking out Sculpey til almost 1am. Today I am a tired puppy, but some pals are coming over to play with my inner child tonight. Still doing my Weight Watchers program, but I have switched from Flex to Core plan. Now that it is has cooled off somewhat, the future looks brighter for walking. Callie is adjusting to being indoors. Buoy's ears are much better after clearing up the bacterial infection ... poor little man. Abigale's sleepover at Windsor's has become a semi-permanent arrangement... I miss her, but she seems to like the space & the quiet. ..Callie was just driving her up the wall. TIme to make final installment on Jayce's college semester...then figure out how to pay for the next semester... :-(
And, I will be travelling to Mom's (have not been since May 2005) to deliver goodies.. turns out she has an older sewing machine…

Well well well... I can sew!!

Seems every weekend is a new experience... last weekend I sailed in 35MPH winds... MY MY!! That will wake you right up I swear! This weekend I took a sewing class from Shauna Smith (owner of First Samples ) and actually sewed something OTHER than my own fingers together. Made a little carry pack first, getting acquainted with the machine. Then off to Hancock Fabrics... fake fur & red dangle berries... and I made a PILLOW!!