catching up

Well, most of the fires at work are put out.... and I have now been to the grocery store, crossed all 10 items off of Monday's "to do" list. As a treat, I spent last night rolling polymer clay through the pasta machine (then made some beads with that) while Elizabeth visited and crocheted. Tonight I will be typing up 2 more chapters of the autobiography I am working on{ for a publisher... is really interesting... is about one of Texas's Attorney Generals experiences in and out of the war, the Texas legal system, the inner machinations of the Texas government }. On the way back from publisher's, I inadvertantly drove past David's old apartment... felt like a kick in the stomach. We had such great times there... sometimes the loss is felt more vividly, I guess, even 5 months later. Saturday Nov 5th is our 1st Annual Company BBQ, so will be a fun weekend. Then, next weekend I go to Mom's!! Wish I could see brother & his family a little more often, too. Been since August to see them, May since I saw mom... sigh
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