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What happens when you take a wadded up paper towel, some household bleach & colored copy paper & put them in a room together? This >>>>>>
Again, my Heron (matted and un) and then an egret. Can you tell I like wading birds? Also a sympathy card on the same paper. All 4 of those are from ONE SHEET of 20# copy paper, lavendar in color. Yes, LAVENDAR. Welcome to bleach :-)
This is not a good shot but one of my fave cards... the base is recycled old file folders. Front is alcohol ink with a Dover clip art image (I think) and a dragonfly punchout.

2 more, 1 Bday and 1 square stamp

:-) the title will also take you to the song of the day... FYI. Love Remains the Same. SO, the cards on the left is a plain jane HB card for the person that is not into all the frilly shiny stuff. The card on the right is just the opposite. Again, using scrap paper from another project (is why partially pink) I used one side of a 3 sided texture stamp with green ink & clear EP for the marbled look. A little glitter on the edges and some green & pink fibers along the spine and 'poof!' a card is born.

Barn Postcard

out taking pictures of things... and decided I needed to do something with them... so I turned this one into a postcard w/a corner made for inserting edges,

Alcohol is not for drinking....

Alcohol Ink on scrap background... this is what happens when you play around with whatever scraps are left on the table!

Crossfade's Cold

Both bosses & Revlon return from (separate) vacations today.... after being just the 2 of us in office Thurs-Mon, I am thinking I will miss the peace and quiet. Not that they are stressful or anything... it is just that the office moves at a faster pace with all the elements in place. But, there is light at the end of the propane tunnel because I used the quiet time to catch up on stuff, including alphabetizing everything to be filed. Today I go file all of them into the multitude of cabinets. yippee? I look at it like this... it HAS to be done... and I have such a NICE file room now... bay window, CD player, incense... and no telephone!

On the homefront, we had a security system installed last night. Not that we feel unsafe but because we are now linked directly to the Fire Department. If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know the # of fires we've seen in this area, including at our very (used to be) fenceline. If you are interested in learning more,…