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3 down, 1 to go

Well, have been here since 8am, filled one bottle, took 1 payment, answered 2 needless calls... and I still have an hour to go. Did finally get my Nervousness stuff sorted out. Have trades, PIFs, PCs, ATC swaps all pending, needed to remember who I told I would send what, and what is to be sent to me by whom. And ppl think art is not WORK! Apparently, 13 is a good number for me... 13 critters live in our home, 13 events open on Nness... now just as long as I don't get involved in 13 art groups! The 4 on Yahoo are pretty spaced out. 2 are for ATCs only, other 2 are all forms of altered art. And there are just a few things open at any one time on any one board, so I rotate through those fairly quickly. MSN group has an ongoing deal, if you want to join, you simply send in your entry BEFORE THE DEADLINE. And they have already posted each month's theme throught August 2007, so makes it easy to wrok on them in between the other gorups. NNess has 4,816 members posting to 15,083 th…

ahhhhhh Friday!

Well, it is here!! Friday!! and it is almost quittin' time! Course, tomorrow still looms, but only for 4 hours. And on the plus side of that, I am hosting art at our house 1-4pm Saturday so that means Spirit has to get the house ready . Then Heather's Bday party Sat night & then the other party Sunday 3pm!! I am so excited!! and now I hear the whistle blowing...

almost there!!

21 more hours to go!! Well, that includes 3 lunch hours so... 18, really!! Oh hell, I gotta work this Saturday :-( Newbie's FIL is in hospital in Houston so she'll not be avalable this Saturday. Which is completely understandable. So 25 = 22. Rebel has locked self outta car, so have to go take care of that after work. That's okay, was gonna go to HEB anyways... Rebel needs FOOD!! LMAO. Rebel needs a cookbook, I think...says "I'm tired of ramen & man 'n cheese, can you take me shopping?" Sure, that is what mom's are for!! And for unlocking cars :-)

Daimon & Loki have now shed... 1st one for Loki. He was one of the pair that we rescued end of August... now if only she'd grow a bit more so she'd shed... Indra has given up on brumating... I wont let him have shorter days, and we keep tossing waxworms at him that he can't eat if he's asleep. He opens one eye to see if it is food worth moving for. Too funny!

Well, off to sta…

RIP Scarlet Nov 14th 2006

Well, I wish I had a picture to post, but I don't. Last night, Heather's animal friend passed away after a tragic (but mercifully quick) meeting with an automobile. As she was NEVER one to run far from Heather OR into the street, we'll never know what was really going on. It was just time for her to move on, her work here was completed. She was a blessed spirit, and I am sure whomever meets her in her next lifetime will be just as blessed as Heather was. We held a small ritual for Scarlet to aid in her passing (and in our grief) and then said our goodbyes.

RIP Scarlet Brown Nov 14th 2006

Like the wind, soar free through the heavens.
Like a flame, warm the hearts of those who think of you.
Like water, let your spirit flow ever onward,
Like the earth, be steadfast awaiting rebirth.
As the wheel turns, may you find as much joy in your next life as you gave in this life.

Today's reading...

Every morning, I do a random reading in a book of goddesses (Nancy Blair). Today's goddess is Yulanya, who tells us 'Spiritual ways of being in the World require self-scrutiny.'

The Spirit Children of Australia are true teachers. They are returning as divine reminders. Here is their message:

Self-worth grows in proportion to your completion of the following few steps: Examine dependency on toxic substances, relationships, and behavior. Cultivate new behaviors and feelings that honor your Goddess Nature. Make new choices based on the sacredness of your being and that of all life.
The path of spirit is simply stated. Staying on the path is a choice that comes from love. You are not here to fulfill the dreams, wants, or wishes of other human being. Share your life, yes. However, do not take on the responsibility of protecting others from the consequences and realities of their own actions. You are responsible to and for yourself only. Your journey belongs to …

On the road again... to WORK!

Ah, yes... only the good die young, and only the weekends are short. But my! what we got packed into this last one, I tell ya! Sturday morning we were up bright and early so Spirit could make triple chocolate brownies for my company's fish fry later tha afternoon. I fed the babies in the meantime. Then off to Live Oak Civic Center in Universal City for the Texas Reptile Expo. Oh my, the sights we saw!! Only went in with $20 cash... I KNEW better! Ended up buying some food for the crix, a baby rat & a pinkie rat (no teeth, feeders for picky pythons) ... and collected some business cards from local area herp suppliers. And then, as we were walking out, heading to the fishfry...we saw a Uromastyx!! OMGoddess they are so cool! Love to be held. Adorable. Cute. You name it... we almost took one home, I swear!! Same feeding (except no crix) and same habitat and lighting requirements as our dragons. Like we need one more desert reptile, right? :-)

Sunday we awoke at a leisur…