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First Annual World Labyrinth Day is TODAY

Today is the First Annual World Labyrinth Day and we will be celebrating it at PineCrone Labyrinth Retreat center in Bastrop, Texas. Festivities from 10am -6pm honoring the 7 Circuit Labyrinth with the Intention of Peace and Prosperity.

Then, when we return home, there is nothing outside the home that demands our attention! I am so excited. There are several things I want to have a go at in my art space but so little time this last week to try any of them. Okay, who am I kidding? NO time this week. Never even took the cover off the table. Sigh.

change of picture pace

This is Snow, who was my at work kitty... in this pic she was helping me eat lunch. Snow has passed on... and I thought this was a reasonable segue into announcing the passing of Thor, my beta. The pets that weave the threads of my life... HAPPY BELTAINE!!

I look after you

I know Mother's Day is closer than Father's Day but I am doing this alphabetically, remember? This is iris folding. Everything is done backwards with tiny strips of paper. Easier than it seemes but it does take uninterrupted time & space, and no cats!

Which of the X-Men characters am I?

Your Result: Psyloche
You are the devastatingly sensual and saucy minxette of the mind. Sexy and dangerous with just a hint of the orient, you make grown men cry and women gnash thier teeth. The opposite sex dont know whether you intend to kiss them or kill them and thats the way you like it. When you are not bending those around you to your will, you are being enjoyed as eye candy

Sometimes, love just ain't enough

Ah, yes, the sizzix... the die cut part from this card actually ended up on another card... the outer edge is here. Did the daisy in versamark as a resist then DTP'd the 3 chalk inks. Another from my set of word stamps... got that set @ Michael's on the clearance rack no less! Refuse to pay full price for stuff and see what you get :-)

On another note, 2 days into a BUSY week.... bedtime was 11pm last night. left town by 9pm but after the drive home, there is still dogs to walk, cats to feed, litter to scoop, a guinea pig that needs shred chaged, rats to feed, dragon dishes to pick up and fish to feed...then email to check and showers to take...YAWN. Tonight is N Austin rather than S Austin but that is in my favor... the drive HOME is much easier/faster (will be right on 183 so can skip the I35 route). So, now in search of C O F F E E E E E E E E E. . . .

One life, I'm gonna live it up...

Another Congrats card... I was trying for an Easter theme but, as a pagan, the chick was more like popping out of a cake for me. Let's see... 12x12 DSP for card base, cut to size, a sticker, a butterfly from my Sizzix BigShot that I dotted and some of my word stamps. Tada!

do YOU know the difference?

Do you know the difference between a WATER HEATER and a residential PROPANE TANK? This is how I spend Mondays... on weird stuff like this. It would almost sound like a bad joke overheard in a bar "This guy comes into the office and wants to order propane..." Why is this funny? After looking up the address in BOTH databases and not finding a tank there, he insists. So a driver gets sent out (that is bilingual, mind you) and the gentleman points out his water heater and says he needs propane in 'that' sigh...what makes this even worse is that, a week prior, he came in (same address, we remembered it d'oh) and we sent out a driver only to find the home all electric. He was not home for us to tell him that but apparently aware he'd not yet gotten a delivery, he came back, still trying to get gas. In his all electric home. Again...sigh...

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

Congratulations card... dry embossed and chalked paper in an unused graduation announcement :-) I save EVERYTHING.
Art day was this weekend but I was so under the weather (PMS migraine) that I only managed to make ONE CARD all weekend long... have not even taken a picture of it yet... sigh...just another manic monday.