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and so begins my month!!

Well, 1 week down, a few more to go until my birthday arrives! Will be taking 2 vacation days, plus holiday pay and the weekend so a whopping 5 days off!! May is (so far) quite a bit slower than April was. I NEVER want to double up on coursework ever again. Not int he same month, PLEASE. And have stated such to the powers that be that they need to coordinate things a little better for those of us taking both the WTI course AND the WOTY. Kim's WOTY is only a year-long course, whereas the Women's Thealogical Institute is on ongoing course of study. Good news is, I don't think any of them will overlap in the remaining months of 2007. Wheww!! Only about half the items on May's calendar as there were on April's, mostly due to exhaustion (lol) and the fact that neither course is holding an intensive study in May. And we'll be curtailing some of our adventures for financial consideration:: the change in Spirit's work facility and the additional member of our…