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Busy Busy Busy

Well, darn... 2.5 weeks later and here I am. One of my coworkers has been out with a knee injury that got worse instead of better so logged in extra hours the last few weeks...hence no art posts & no new blog post. ARGH. This week is our usual Friday evening paper crafting gathering, looking forward to that. Unfortunately since my co-worker is STILL out I am now working Saturday so cannot stay into the wee hours at art Friday. 3:30am comes way too early to go to bed after 11pm. EEEK!!

Sadly, had reason to make a few sympathy cards last week... here are two of them. Not something I usually sit and plan to make unless there is a need. Like Mother's Day cards they make me sad to create. I scanned them in instead of didi-pics... don't think I like the scanned images nearly as well.

Chel Saunders of Pelican Bay Mobile Vet is coming late morning to come see Mr Buoy... my health challenged Siamese I have had for 12+ years. Prayers for his comfort if you would.

Had two people re…