Busy Busy Busy

Well, darn... 2.5 weeks later and here I am. One of my coworkers has been out with a knee injury that got worse instead of better so logged in extra hours the last few weeks...hence no art posts & no new blog post. ARGH. This week is our usual Friday evening paper crafting gathering, looking forward to that. Unfortunately since my co-worker is STILL out I am now working Saturday so cannot stay into the wee hours at art Friday. 3:30am comes way too early to go to bed after 11pm. EEEK!!

Sadly, had reason to make a few sympathy cards last week... here are two of them. Not something I usually sit and plan to make unless there is a need. Like Mother's Day cards they make me sad to create. I scanned them in instead of didi-pics... don't think I like the scanned images nearly as well.

Chel Saunders of Pelican Bay Mobile Vet is coming late morning to come see Mr Buoy... my health challenged Siamese I have had for 12+ years. Prayers for his comfort if you would.

Had two people request I design something for them... week before I was asked to design wedding announcements. Last week I was asked to create a baby shower announcement. Will work on both of those today, as well as the planned activity for this Friday's paper crafting gathering. AND go donate blood. AND go vote. AND do laundry. AND wash dishes.... the list goes on. Somewhere in there I will create a journal page JUST FOR ME, no one else. And maybe scrapbook a page a two in my ever present cache of pages that are awaiting their turn :-)
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