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Well, Alaska has been here for a week...started Mon 1/14 and has actually shown up for work EVERY DAY this week. We are encouraged. Next Newbie starts 1/21 and will be assisting me in catching up on my filing, at least to start with.

Planning meeting for lunars was Weds. . . look slike it is going to be an awesome group for 2008. 7 ppl showed up to plan the first half of 2008. We'll open the lunar group for this month and next, then we'll close it again for the rest of the year. Should be a very rewarding year, I am so fond of the people in the group!

Spirit works both Saturday and Sunday this week... I will be home alone, doing chores such as HEB, bill paying, litterbox cleaning, laundry, possibly sorting some books in the library... wheeeee