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Laptop back, still no internet

hello world...
so.. a day OFF in the life of...?
for me that means sleep in until almost 8am, goof off around art room for a bit sorting stuff. Then I head to gym @ 10:30 for an hour & a half of cardio, weights, hottub & sauna. Rough, I know... right! Then home to shower and dress and grab laptop (repaired, looks brand spanking new except for cathair) and head to Burger King for an iced caramel coffee & free wifi. When I get my online stuff taken care of I will then head to the house, catch up with some pen pals, maybe amke a card or an ATC then get ready to go to Abita Springs and hang with some friends. Tonight when it cools off some I will mow front lawn then shower & head to bed. Yawn.

have a terrific rest of your weekend!

Laptop in shop

Hoping they call soon to let me know if she can be repaired easily & at a cost I can afford or if it is time to set her up as a desktop & Leave her be. One of the hinges is broken & when you have to transport it for wifi signal it becomes a bit of a pain... argh...cross fingers.

On a brighter note, have a date to see concert at the tomorrow night. I hav Friday thru Sunday off.. so excited!