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Autumn is here!

well..yes...I know the Autumn Equinox was actually a month ago... but today was the FIRST FROST on my windshield as I struggled off to work....and so we've turned off the AC monster & opened the house to the elements!! It is also day 4 of injured lower lumbar... and as sitting is not my friend (and driving evokes painful whimpers) I am now off to a horizontal position...sleep well!

Election Day Spell

This spell was sent by one of the authors (Rabbit) to another list and I was invited to repost. I hope you enjoy it!
=== Iris and I wrote an Election Day spell. We posted this to the Sacred Well blog, and also felt like it was a good idea to share it with some of our favorite witches. Please feel free to pass it on!
Election Day Spell by Iris and RabbitWe aren't going to try to tell you what to choose on Election Day. We hope we don't need to :)Instead, we have written a spell that creates intention for the best possible outcome in all initiatives, and the highest possible good for this country, state, county, and city. You may want to use this spell with a seven-day candle, and start it on Tues the 28th, the new moon. Or you may decide to do this spell with a three- or one-day candle, leading up to Election Day. We invite you to snag this and post it on your blog/list/chat group. And feel free to adapt and add your own magic as well.You will need:-a seven-, three-, or one-day …