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have not woken up with that song for quite a while... a friend actually made those lyrics into a magnet for me a couple of years ago...very good song for change. Speaking of change..was at a workshop this weekend and was speaking with one of the other attendees about change and new beginnings. If there was a such thing as a "Professional New Beginner", I would a apply for the job, I tell ya. Had my palm read once at an event... person reading it was rather intrigued by the fact that, rather than the lines indicating a change in life path, I had lines that just ended and then restarted... breaks in the line, so to speak. Looked at me and said "You have created yourself multiple times in this lifetime." I knew that, but was surprised to hear it coming from a palm reader! I've always subscribed to the theory that, if you don't like your current story, change it. Rewrite it. And I have succeeded in doing that very thing a number of times. But how many? Nev…