have not woken up with that song for quite a while... a friend actually made those lyrics into a magnet for me a couple of years ago...very good song for change. Speaking of change..was at a workshop this weekend and was speaking with one of the other attendees about change and new beginnings. If there was a such thing as a "Professional New Beginner", I would a apply for the job, I tell ya. Had my palm read once at an event... person reading it was rather intrigued by the fact that, rather than the lines indicating a change in life path, I had lines that just ended and then restarted... breaks in the line, so to speak. Looked at me and said "You have created yourself multiple times in this lifetime." I knew that, but was surprised to hear it coming from a palm reader! I've always subscribed to the theory that, if you don't like your current story, change it. Rewrite it. And I have succeeded in doing that very thing a number of times. But how many? Never really given that any thought until now. So let's see... 1st time was 1988.. then again in 1992, then the 3rd time was in 1997. In 2006 I didn't make a radical change so much as I fine-tuned the 3rd change. Less inclined for the BS, more inclined to speak my truth out loud, step into my own power on this planet. So, maybe the 3rd time was the charm? Or maybe I will find the need to do so again,... who knows. What I do know is that new beginnings are possible.
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