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let me be myself

This morning's song was by Avenged Sevenfold, "Warmness on the Soul" . Follow link to video with lyrics. You'll know why. Managed to work 40 hours in my three days this week. Today it's still raining and I have to go get the essentials... cat litter & cat food. Also going to see if I can rustle up a dehumidifier. Yes, you read that right. I have a humidifier for the winter months but my envelopes are all self-sealing at this point. They are not meant to be, but they are in this humidity. Sigh. Laureli scoped one out yesterday so will go take a look-see today while she is with clients.

Sadly, another patient died yesterday morning (at home, in his bed) :-( He was my first patient as an extern that I did the entire treatment, from cannulation to removal. We even had our picture taken together after the successful treatment. Sad day.

On the bright side, went to get a wellness screening as part of Davita's Village Vitality (requirement for lower health i…