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A chilly start ...

... to what will be a terrific day...and it is my day off! Have had my first cup of coffee with a chunk of spinach feta stuffed bread {breakfast} and already written to my Austin penpal. Now starting on 2nd cup of reishi coffee while checking in with the cyber world.

I opened at work yesterday (ie: I get to the clinic @ 4am so get up at 3am) and I will open again tomorrow. Slight barometric headache today but will ignore it and relax in my craft space while catching up on household chores (the usual dishes, laundry, etc) that I don't do on work days.

I got a jigsaw puzzle at Dirt Cheap last week that is on my list of things to do today. I LOVE jigsaw puzzles but have lacked the space (and time) to do them. With cats, you see, you must plan ahead. No matter what flat surface I choose, at least one cat will be inexplicably drawn to THAT one surface. So, planning is key if I want all my pieces to remain in one place.

I have Kitta on my art table chewing on my pens while …