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Looks like I made it...

Well, 2 big news items (for me, at least):: The bed has arrived!! And... my art room is now unpacked!! I have hung some art on the walls of both. Got a rug for room across my hallway so just need a blue sheer for valences. Walls are a sunny yellow, rug is a mix of blues & oranges & yellows. Inspiration is a framed 16x20 hand painted watercolor done by a local woman. Beach/pier scene. You knew it would be because I LIVE ON THE BEACH!!! Got kitchen unpacked last week, then my bathroom set up; and the family room is coming along nicely as well. But art room & kitchen were the main ones.

moving update

Most everything is over at new house by now. This is day 12 of the move but when you work and go to school and require at least 6-7 hours of sleep a night, there is just not a lot of time left in a 24 hour span. The bed and the remaining items that WERE in the shed are the last to go. I say WERE because the storm on Monday night blew the shed (really a 10x10 canopy with sides) over. Good thing it landed on the neighboring 6ft wood privacy fence or no telling where I would have found it yesterday. I have been storing things in that shed for about 2 years... I guess it has been well used. Sigh. Today's plan (as I am off work) is to grab rest of the already packed boxes and haul them over here. This evening a doll of a friend with a trailer (and hitch on vehicle to pull said trailer) is going to show up to move over the bed and the outdoor items (rain barrel, compost bin, lawnmower, etc). For a new house, this place is wonderful. For an old house (built in 1960) it has a few issu…