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Well, my last post of the week!! I am off tomorrow!! It will be catch up on art day, work on what I want my personal ritual to be about (next weekends Wheel of the Year" study, and tidy up a bit before movietime w/Energy & then Full Moon group in Bastrop. Wheeeee I made it thru the week!! And, so far, next week is lining up as pretty quiet. MakeArt day is free, no PS class (holiday), Sage's class Weds, nothing on Thurs, and then the Wheel Fri, Sat & Sun. That is a good week, entirely do-able.

New Days

Well, after looking at my schedule the last month and the upcoming one, I've decided to rename some days. I've signed up for class on Tuesdays, pagan dinner night is Wednesdays, the RCGi sponsored events are on Thursdays.... so Mondays are now "Make Art Days" and Fridays are now "Free Time Days". There are so many ideas running around loose inside my head but I never seem to have time to sit down and play so they get set free. Some background techniques, some tins I want to alter, several scrapbook pages that are still awaiting the "scrap' parts. And weekends are quite chockfull of things going on, with book club, wheel of the year, esbats, etc.


I spend quite a bit of time stomping around Nervousness. One of the forums asked you to "post a listie or 2" so I posted this ::
list on my mirror 1) feed dragons
2) feed uros
3) feed crickets
4) feed & water hamsters
5) top off cat's bowls
6) top off snake's water bowls
7) scoop cat litter
7) get dressed
9) make sure all habitats are closed/locked, critters accounted for
10) leave for work

this is what I do BEFORE I leave for work every morning The dragons & uros eat salads, so I cut up greens, shred butternut & chayote squash over the greens, then top it off w/chunks of mangos and kiwi. Sometimes I sprinkle a bit more butternut over the top as the dragons REALLY like the color orange.

well, pics up

got 136 pictures from Peace's first TWO days in DisneyWorld. Had always wanted to go, and take kiddos, so that is where they all are! Awesome, getting to live a dream. So, if you listed 100 things to do before you left this lifetime, what would they be?

Peace in Disney World