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the passing of Aphrodite

After some green leaf lettuce, timothy nibbles & a carrot of two, Aphrodite crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I am comforted in knowing that she met her mother, Artemis, there after being apart these last couple of years. You see, they came to us from a rather bad situation. Not sure what, exactly, that situation was, but it could not have been good. They were housed in a chicken wire covered slab of pressboard filled with soaking wet shred. Their food & water were mixed in the shred as well. Shortly upon arriving home to find this "habitat" on our doorstep, we had them in a new, dry house with food in bowls, housing, water bottles and treats galore. That was about 4 years ago. However, not quite a year later, we noticed an issue with Artemis' feet... a black spot on the bottom of one of her front feet. So off to the exotics vet (Yes, exotics. Need a vet? We have FOUR as they go by species.) Turned out, the housing situation prior to their arrival had taken a toll on …

Life goes on...

I woke up with the not remember that happening recently. LOL. So, on that note, a picture of my Celica... who will be TWENTY NINE years old next month. Yes, life goes on, even for cars. She now has antique plates and does not get driven much. Battery is dead from sitting so she goes on the charger this weekend. She is now what is considered a "Limited Use" car, and even more so since she does not have heat or AC. She gets driven in April and then again Sept/Oct. This is Texas, after all...

Have a blessed day & remember that, regardless of what happens during the day, life goes on. :-)

darn picture thing

Darn blog would not let me upload my pic for the 600th post.. .now it will but this is post #601 ...sigh

Regardless... great day... both at the IMAX and now today at the board meeting... Lots of exciting things on the horizon for the Re-Formed Congregation, Austin Circle. Curious? Come see us!

For now... I am on my way to seeing my pillow!

Cherie amour... & #600!!!

this is my 600th post. Somehow the 100th, 200 300 400 500 all passed me by, but this one I noticed. LOL. And, Blogger will not let me upload any images this morning... sigh. But I uploaded 10 new images to my facebook last night, so go see them there.

1 post away from 600!!

This is a "Shaving Cream" card... will be demonstrating this at my workshop Feb 6 & 7 in Bastrop Texas.

Lovely dinner with Rebel +1 tonight... got to show off the THREE scrapbooks I have done (birth thru HS)



You really got a hold on me

Okay... so I was just over @ Creative Greetings (Peggy's blog) where I saw that she was lamenting having nothing exciting to post, no funny work stories to share, etc. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!! It is Monday so I am off the workplace.... and it was an uneventful weekend for me. Uneventful means no snafus, no dog excapes, no dragons amiss, no deaths in the extended area, no fires to report.... it was a very RELAXING time. Friday we watched "Benny & Joon" for movie night @ Spirit Stone Sactuary. Saturday I put my card rack back up @ Bastrop Producers Market ( OH ! the things they have added in my absence!) . Sunday we went to a social gathering, got to play some Pictionary and hung out around a fire with good food & great people.

This card is made from plain CS, a strip cut with patterned scissors, some yarn ribbon stuff, a couple of stickers & glitter glue & a sentiment stamped in black. I made a couple dozen new cards last week to go on rack but still tryin…