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So, 1 week into a very hot & humid July.... and I STILL love it here! Worked 6am-2pm yesterday then hit the beach with my Nook. Sat close enough to the tide line to have the water lap at my toes. :-) Stayed for about 90 minutes, watching a couple of hermit crabs and a tiny little jellyfish playing in the waves. idn't see any stingrays, but that was probably because there were a LOT of people in the water, trying to keep cool and enjoy the Saturday heat as best possible. Walked down to the beach Weds evening to watch the fireworks displays of Long Beach, Gulfport & Biloxi. Got to see a lot of other individual ones as well. And, for all their beauty (and in spite of all the noise) they still were not as awe-inspiring as the moonrise that occurred at the same time. The moon rose, seemingly up from the ocean itself, a deep reddish orange. Then she hid behind a few sparse clouds for a minute or two, only to boldly re-emerge and assert herself amongst the bright fireworks, ris…