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remember me this season!!


my day?

Well, went to school... brain fried halfway thru class, stayed anyway with my 3rd cup of coffee... then off to the health dept for my 2nd (of 3) in the series of Hep B shots needed to actually step into a dialysis unit. Now, 3 hours later I have herded cats, made an awesomely tasty (and quite pretty, I might add) tamale sort of pie. Now to eat, clean up, herd cats, walk dog and go back to card making. Will be at the Pass Market vending my wares on 10/25/11 so come see me!

been too long... been too busy....

So why have I not been on here in a coon's age? life.... school.. work... and family. Went back to Tx (13 hours one way) to visit my folks for my mom's 65th birthday. It was a surprise, therefore could not really write about anything without either a) lying about stuff or b) giving away the secret. I missed my CPR certification class and lost my perfect attendance for the 2nd quarter. Hoping to make up my CPR in November. And, I got to pick up my son on the way to see the parental units so that was an added bonus. .. kinda took the sting out of missing my classes. He is now a real teacher.. passed his PPR for Texas. Whoo Hoo!!!!

And, less than a week from the 1st anniversary of the death of Saphira.... (can read that post here) Allstate has made a final offer. We shall see. No offer yet for PeaceRev as she is still suffering hip issues from being rolled off the back of my bike and still seeing doctor for that particular issue.

On the brighter side of things, winter seems to be …