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let the games being...

Oh, wait, it is ART that is beginning... the monthly arts & crafts circle!! Wonderful goings on!!!
This is bleaching, the butterfly Sizzix die and a SU stamp!


Way too early, not enough sleep. Menstrual migraines suck, just in case you were not aware of that fact...sigh... let's see.... 3 different backgrounds here. Butterflies are simply DTP fluid chalks. Middle is bleaching. Right is a stamped image on 20# paper mounted on blue CS.

Song of day was @ 4am.... ugh

this is a aset of greeting cards I made for our annual October Festival;. Brayered the backgrounds with acrylics and then added the images.

Be Careful what you wish for

Actually, the title to the song is "Home" but that was the part that I woke up singing...
This is a picture I took whilst in South San Antonio. Typical "flower of Texas"... prickly pear. I have a photo cornerer So I took a 4" square of paper, hit all 4 corners, cut & mounted (where I needed them) on cardstock. The card base is a cereal box (I do my best to reuse everything! Then address the back and mail. In case you are wondering, this one has the message UNDER the picture. It comes out of the corners so you can read it. Dual purpose, to boot! This one made it to Alison in Australia.

I wish I had a river

"By the Sea" aka Sizzix @ work! This was a scrap of paper I had left over from something... ran it thru the BigShot with a Dream Weaver stencil (and cardboard shims) then added some ribbon and mounted on CS (that I had also put the the BigShot using a Fiskars embossing plate).

In A World of Human Wreckage

Pink butterflies... I love butterflies... this was a rub on (still more of the bleach backgrounds) and then a stamp .... easy, subtle...

on the not-so-easy side, my ceiling appears to have water damage, now that have had some rain. I am a bit peeved.