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I am teaching... in Feb 2010

Chaotic'sCreative Mixed MediaWorkshop Two pleasure-filled days of fun!"Hands On" workshops and an evening to create art while socializing with some great women! If you ever wanted to try something but did not know how to start, this workshop is for you.If you ever looked at something and thought "How did she DO that?" this is for you, too.If you ever saw something and then said to yourself "I bet I could do THAT!", come do it!If you want to try but don't wanna buy until you know if you'll enjoy it, come play!
Saturday's workshop will give you a chance to explore creativity in many medias. You'll be able to work WITH fabric, tissue, earthen & polymer clays, assorted embellishments and papers...all while working ON candles, keepsake boxes, altered books, decos and booklets, lightswitch covers, candy tins, CDs, tags/tag booklets... the list goes on! For Sunday's workshop I will be demonstrating making your own greeting cards. My ca…

happy tuesday... bath night...cereal night...

I know, I know... 19 days later... sorry! Did I mention I have been up to my ears in work? And by work, I mean work work (that 8-5 kind) as well as home work. Actually, work work is where I go to rest, nap for lunch, get stuff done. The home work is HARD. Get up, walk the dogs, feed the dogs... shower... scoop cat litter, feed & water cats... back to the kitchen to cook breakfast... oh, lizards want breakfast too? And the dogs? No, wait.. they ate already...right? Then check the snakes' water bowls, grab the dogs & put them in the pen (watch those steps in the rain... gonna relabel the top one ASS and the one under that BUSTER. At least the landing was soft.. in the MUD. Sigh. Then take out the trash, load the car... oops...back inside for my (forgotten) lunchbox & coffee. .. then the 45 minute commute. 5pm comes, I drive home, do it all over again! Oh, and I also spent 2 nights making sure the guest dogs (3) were unable to leave our warm & hospitable yard. Sigh.