happy tuesday... bath night...cereal night...

I know, I know... 19 days later... sorry! Did I mention I have been up to my ears in work? And by work, I mean work work (that 8-5 kind) as well as home work. Actually, work work is where I go to rest, nap for lunch, get stuff done. The home work is HARD. Get up, walk the dogs, feed the dogs... shower... scoop cat litter, feed & water cats... back to the kitchen to cook breakfast... oh, lizards want breakfast too? And the dogs? No, wait.. they ate already...right? Then check the snakes' water bowls, grab the dogs & put them in the pen (watch those steps in the rain... gonna relabel the top one ASS and the one under that BUSTER. At least the landing was soft.. in the MUD. Sigh. Then take out the trash, load the car... oops...back inside for my (forgotten) lunchbox & coffee. .. then the 45 minute commute. 5pm comes, I drive home, do it all over again! Oh, and I also spent 2 nights making sure the guest dogs (3) were unable to leave our warm & hospitable yard. Sigh.

Oh, and in that 19 day span, we managed to successfully see our way through the 17th Annual "Festival of the Goddess" in the Texas Hill Country October 8-9-10-11. In the rain, no less! Actually, sounds worse that it was. I did not hear one single woman complain about the weekend of rain. Which is good, since those SAME women are the ones I've been in ritual workings with to bring the rain. Then, October 17th was Art Day all day @ Spirit Stone Sanctuary. The 18th saw us at Manor 290 Cafe for brunch with friends, followed by a kickass new moon ritual in E. Austin. Planned the upcoming Sabbat the 19th, the 20th was Bath night (D'uh, Tuesday!) and a board meeting on the 21st. YYYYYYYYYAAAWWWWWWNNNNN Let me tell you, I am

So, after all that...what was left to do, you might wonder? Treat myself to a massAHge !! Laureli did wonders for all the sore spots (see the stairs above...sigh). Was so great, I had to peel myself up off the table some 2 & 1/2 hours later :-) And... I am at home EVERY night this week! No, this is NOT a typo! Monday I worked on art project for November's lunar. Tonight I watched a movie. (nat'l treasures:book of secrets) And I sat down the whole time... well, except for when I got up to get a(nother) warm from the oven brownie. Actually, was fairly easy to sit and watch Nicholas Cage... I am rather fond of his movies.

Tomorrow... I want to work on the PDF flier for the mixed media workshop I will be teaching at PineCrone Feb 6th & 7th, 2010. Stay tuned for details! Just as soon as that flier gets done...
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