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soul tired

There is this line from a '3 DoorsDown' song {"Right Where I Belong"} that keeps running through my head ...
"There's a difference in spending time with me
And killing time while I'm there
In too many people and too many things
And it makes me feel like hell"

I think I am just tired. Not just sleep tired, but soul tired. My soul hurts today and I don't know how to make it feel any better. I write. I meditate. I macramé. I cry. I make background papers for my cards & stuff. Then I turn around and do it all over again. Not feeling the creative muse as of late, but making the paper keeps me busy at least. I think today just rough because Mandalin was offline all day (we chat at work) and then I came home to empty house and then I went out with friends but was not really "present". Hard to be the 'life of the party' when I feel like I am bleeding inside. Oh, and to top off everything else this last month or so, my ivy is not reviv…

And the pictures are in!

Check the "My Pictures" link at the top left and you'll see cards for the 'Blue & White' & 'Haiku' swaps on ATC_World and 2 (of the 7) mandalas done for Art_Swaps.


I invited a someone to meet me for coffee in my hometown... Been so many losses in my life lately...
I think maybe it is time to step out of my cacoon and get out a bit, ya know? Jayce is getting ready to leave in August.. Danny and David are already gone (death does that)... but I am social by nature. Time to stop isolating and start living again. Not a major deal, coffee, so I am taking it easy, day by day... no harm.. at least I reached out.
Migraines are taking their toll... last week was 3 days out of 7. Hormonal shifts are not my friends, it appears. But will prepare a bit more for that cause, and take it easier on myself.
Really pushed it this week with events & helping Ann Marie sort & pack some stuff. Today is better..about a 2 on the pain scale, so manageable. Work off to a good solid start, and house to myself tonight while son is at orientation overnight @ Texas State. All in all, life is good!!