I invited a someone to meet me for coffee in my hometown... Been so many losses in my life lately...
I think maybe it is time to step out of my cacoon and get out a bit, ya know? Jayce is getting ready to leave in August.. Danny and David are already gone (death does that)... but I am social by nature. Time to stop isolating and start living again. Not a major deal, coffee, so I am taking it easy, day by day... no harm.. at least I reached out.
Migraines are taking their toll... last week was 3 days out of 7. Hormonal shifts are not my friends, it appears. But will prepare a bit more for that cause, and take it easier on myself.
Really pushed it this week with events & helping Ann Marie sort & pack some stuff. Today is better..about a 2 on the pain scale, so manageable. Work off to a good solid start, and house to myself tonight while son is at orientation overnight @ Texas State. All in all, life is good!!
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