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first of my floppy discs are in!

Drachenfrau's enrty has arrived!!!

Spell for the Day

Wash Away the Day SpellSeptember 20th, 2007
Color of the day: Purple
Incense of the day: Coriander

It’s almost the equinox, when night and day are in balance, making it a good time to evaluate aspects of our lives that also require balance. In the business of our daily lives, we work long hours and often forget to unwind. After a day at work or school that demands a great deal of your time and energy, take a shower and imagine the stress of the day washing down the drain. Change into clothing that is comfortable. When you are in the shower, watch the water wash away and say:

Wash away the day
and pain
And all problems
down the drain.
As they disappear
I am now free
To nurture just me!

This short ritual affirms the separation between your working day and your sacred time for yourself. Any ongoing issues will still be at work or school tomorrow, whether you worry or not, so you may as well not! While you are home, free yourself from the burden of concern and enjoy balance in your life.
By: Emel…

I'm Strange

Well, we planned the upcoming sabbat AND the upcoming esbat rituals last night.... 6 women, 3 hours...not bad! and today I will be getting out statements, so a busy morning at work planned... sigh...LOL... art tongiht, catching up on the 3 swaps I still have left as well as the 2 altered books that are waiting on my table. Still no word from the landlady on the selling of our lease home....

Isn't it Ironic

and with a title like that, I will post a comment rcvd from Energy...
I totally agree with the person that commented on your writing. Remember, I told you your future is in writing professionally.Maybe it will be when you retire from the everyday work world : )You ARE wonderful, witty, generous, loyal, a bit anal (heehee), gorgeous, loving, verrrrry intelligent, resourcefull, positive, organized, need I say more????? I think sometimes you think I say all those wonderful things about you because I am predjudiced. Well.......I am AND they are still all true.

2 Places I will not go to in Austin

As many of you know, I serve on several community committees throughout the year. It does not cost me to be a part of the various activities, other than a cup of coffee or dinner, and I get to meet fascinating people & give back to the community I choose to live in. However, last night, it cost me.... and because it did, I will not longer attend anything that takes place on the corner of S 1st Street and W Oltorf, regardless of the reason.... read on...

Step by StepSchool Dance {512/444-6522 located at 529 W Oltorf St @ S 1st Street) and the Green Muse Coffeehouse (512/912-7789 Located behind Ace Cash or some such at 519 W Oltorf and South First). Why do I recommend NOT doing business with these 2 places? Because apparently they are at war over their parking spots. Last night, even tho I parked by a car that was parked perpendicular across the marked parking space, my car got towed because I was properly situated in the space FACING THE DANCE STUDIO. If my door would have been fa…

It's not over....

well, I am not sure WHAT is not over, but I KNOW it is not the week...just getting started on the WEEK!! Tonight is the FoG meeting at the Green Muse coffeeshop in S Austin... tomorrow is ATC night, Weds is both Esbat AND Sabbat planning as we have Mabon 9/23 and the Full Moon 9/26. Wow, has this month just gotten away from me or WHAT!?!?!?

Good weekend...worked for a few hours then started on my Yuletide program... Saturday night we watched Peace's kidlets & a movie, then Sunday was the weekly trip to HEB for critter foods & coffee supplies. Silver Ram & Red Jackyl came over for a few hours Sunday afternoon, the rest of them time was spent artfully. Wow, the things I can get done when I sit down & trap myself in the artspace! No outside distractions, phone calls, etc...just creative space & the occasional cup of coffee. And Spirit baked me an orange spice cake!

Saturday is Arts & Craft's at Pam's and then Sunday is Mabon... a busy life but a good…