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Little junior, he’s all in a rage

Damn Yankees... and I mean the group, not those people north of us... :-) Here is the song in its entirety since I woke up @ 5:47am singing it..sigh.. where is my coffee???? And the shower? Yawn...

"Comin' of Age" written by Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, Ted Nugent

Dressed to kill and lookin’ dynomite,
with her high-laced stockings and her sweater so tight.
I asked her her name, she said her name was "Maybe."
Well she walked up to me, and she asked me to chance
I said, "I am lookin’ for some wild romance,"
She gave me a wink--she said I should think about it, maybe
She said, "What you got babe, is what I need.
Your kind of love got me on my knees."
I’m so tied up
What you got got a hold on me, your kind of love make a man outta me
I’m so tied up, you got me so fired up
Little sister, hits the stage
She can’t help it, she’s comin’ of age
Little junior, he’s all in a rage
Did you notice she was comin’ of age
If looks could kill, I’d be dead on th…

well phooey

Last couple of days I have had some lower back pain...didnt really think anything about it until I woke up Tuesday morning and headed to work... bending and stretching hurt! Long story short, ended up @ Slidell Memorial Hospital to do urine culture (some blood and white blood cells) and was told I have a possible kidney infection. I love my job but the "no water while working the floor" rule has got to go. I am used to drinking fluid all day long. My patients are even drinking water, but the techs are not allowed. Sigh. So I am, for the first time in over a decade, taking an antibiotic. My TCM practitioner has also given me some things to take to aleviate pain and side effects of the antibiotic. Yippee.

Now it is time to shower, stop off at post office then the health food store for some pure no sugar added cranberry juice then off to see Connie Pace for some creative time before heading to Good Karma Medley to drop off her fiscal accounting. This is what a day off looks l…