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sweat fest but chore accomplished!

So, every Sunday I make a list of tasks and chores I am hoping to accomplish for the week. On the days I work, that is the only word written on that day... "Work" because after being gone from home 15-16 hours, I really don't feel like trying to get anything else done but sleep. What usually happens is that not all the itms on the list get done on their day so they get circled and bumped to the next day off from work. This particular chore got bumped from Monday to Wednesday to today.. and FINALY got done, at least as done as it can be for now. Next step is black weed barrier and a load of pea gravel. . Only thing left on today's list is visit Kathy's Book Depot to see how my card rack is fairing and then Art Night from 6-8pm. Can't stay any later because I have to work in the morning, sigh. It is a glorious day here on the coast so will leave you with another pic, this one over my roof where I was weeding.