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T G I F !!

Wow, a real Friday... I don't work tomorrow!! Spirit and I will be heading out 8am tho to go to Bandera for Mom's 600th birthday. :-) So no sleeping in, but will be for a good reason! Spirit will be driving since I have to finish "Confessions of a Pagan Nun" before Sunday's Goddess book group meets! If I get it read in time, I will drive back. And next Saturday I wont be sleeping in EITHER bc some of us gals are going to Mexico for the day... and leaving at 5am... EEK!
But this weekend all we have planned is Bandera & Book Club. A peaceful weekend. Quiet. I kinda like the way that sounds, after so many weekend with stuff that had to be crammed into Sunday.

Babies were all up and about this morning for breakfast...well, all but Luna. I got a few strokes in on her head before she roused :-)

Rebel is still waiting to hear back from "Jack's Fur Angels of Texas" about whether or not his application for the boxer/pit puppy has been approved. T…

Diamond in the Rough

You say you fell while holding diamonds in your hands
"It's your fault for running, holding diamonds," I said
And I offer no sympathy for that
I hear that it was you who died alone
And I offer no sympathy for that
Better off I sparkle on my own
And someday love will find me in the rough
Someday love will finally be enoughToday's Song

almost the weekend!!

A successful evening at home.... Spirit almost done w/outside cleanup & shed. We were going to go to Natural Magick (store closing end of the month) but decided to stay home ... I am trying to get "The Pagan Nun" read before Sunday's Goddess book club, and Spirit cooked dinner whilst I read. We've rescheduled our visit to Bandera for this Saturday... Mom is feeling better and is trying to get her house ready for her Bday event on Oct 10th. So we have volunteered to help, as well as bring some stuff for HH, her Bday, dad's cookies, etc. We both walked on the Gazelle, even. Amazing the things you an get done in an evening.

Speaking of productive... today is bath day for the dragons :-) Routine seems to be working out fairly well for them... "Lights on" at 6am, then I go make breakfast salads. Then I top off my coffee, go sit in meditation for a bit, then get ready for work. At 6:30am the salads are delivered (gotta let them wake up, warm up a bit f…

I'll B There 4 U

Well, this morning's song-even tho I styled it as a Prince song-was Bon Jovi's "I'll Be There For You". For those of you who may have been wondering...Yes, I still wake up singing. I just don't always post the song of the day. :-) A good morning.... as good as one can be that starts at four freaking thirty, anyways. Got Spirit up and off to work, lunchbox in hand. That is so much fun! So, then I made salads for the still sleeping beardies, loaded dishwasher and started it, grabbed a cup of coffee and headed back to my room to get dressed and ready for work. Wait, none of my skirts are in my closet? Hmmmmm. Went searching and found them in the dragon's den... so now they are awake and looking for breakfast...dang it! Turned on everyone's lamps and head BACK to the kitchen, skirts in hand, decide bedroom is wiser choice so I head to my closet w/the skirts, hang them up and then stop off in kitchen for the 4 salad bowls (today was mustard & co…


Newbie is gone, so just the newer newbie in training now.... wonder if anyone has told her about being stuck w/Saturdays full time now? Sigh. Oops...UPDATE: Newbie just inquired about having to work every YES it HAS dawned... LOL

On the upside, Spirit has gotten a lot of the outside stuff cleaned up that she's been working on long term (shed, storage). Inside stuff is all caught up except critters. I want to lay the rest of the 6x6 tiles in Luna's & Loki's habitats. Speaking of, had to rename them. All the other reptiles are named for gods or goddesses.... "Patches" sounded kinda scruffy & "Mischief" was just a description of Loki. And since they are bro & sis, I liked the 4 letter alliteration. :-) I also want to change Daimon over to the aspen substrate as soon as his shed is complete. Changed Agathos last week & I just LOVE IT! They are so beautiful against the lighter background.

Rebel is still in process of puppy…

and so starts another month....

Well, 2 days into October... did not get to go see Mom yesterday as she & Dad are under the weather with allergies. But the reception/housewarming on Saturday 9/30 went radically well!! :-) Great turnout! Weighed the 2 latest rescues...she has gone from 276 to 297 grams in one week. He has gone from 365 to 370 grams. Gotta up those waxworms, see if can't get some more weight on their poor skinny bones. :-( We have designated Mondays & Thursdays as "Bath Night" at our house...all 4 dragons will get their baths. Indra decided to swim today, dove under water and everything. He did NOT want to get out. Still waiting on Daimon to finish his shed so we can feed... trying the 10 day schedule. Once a week was a little too often, and they are not very active this time of year. Speaking of critters, Rebel is looking at rescuing a pit bull/boxer mix...stay tuned. So, off to A-town I go... thinking about switching home groups, maybe start doing the San Marcos gro…