T G I F !!

Wow, a real Friday... I don't work tomorrow!! Spirit and I will be heading out 8am tho to go to Bandera for Mom's 600th birthday. :-) So no sleeping in, but will be for a good reason! Spirit will be driving since I have to finish "Confessions of a Pagan Nun" before Sunday's Goddess book group meets! If I get it read in time, I will drive back. And next Saturday I wont be sleeping in EITHER bc some of us gals are going to Mexico for the day... and leaving at 5am... EEK!
But this weekend all we have planned is Bandera & Book Club. A peaceful weekend. Quiet. I kinda like the way that sounds, after so many weekend with stuff that had to be crammed into Sunday.

Babies were all up and about this morning for breakfast...well, all but Luna. I got a few strokes in on her head before she roused :-)

Rebel is still waiting to hear back from "Jack's Fur Angels of Texas" about whether or not his application for the boxer/pit puppy has been approved. They were going to put the litter down @ some animal shelter (umm, shelter should not equal euthanasia?) on October 3rd, but when he chose the male puppy. That has stayed his execution whilst Rebel & JFAT do their thing. Home visit, shots, do you have a vet, etc... the form he filled out was 20 pages long!! But fill it out he did, and now he waits...poor soul.... 2 of them, hanging in the balance...the puppy's and my son's. Can't say I blame Rebel... my house is full of rescues.... :-)
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