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Life starts now

Actually, the name of the song is "Higher Places" but the album is "Life Starts Now" and I liked that title better for the post. I was thinking, as I was bleeding, about those people that say "Wow, you have all those animals? You are so lucky!". I have already posted a typical 'day in the life' for us @ Spirit Stone Sanctuary. Today I will show you what "lucky' looks like on a not-so-typical morning.

Awaken @ 5:30am as usual. Kick Spirit out to walk the dogs so I can placate the cat stealing a rubber band off the bedside table (you know the results of a cat shewing rubber bands?). Chase cat into living room, tripping on another one in the process. Walk for 20 minutess on stairstepper while listening to the 3rd cat yowl in discomfort THE WHOLE TIME. Wait, did I mention that "all those animals" are rescues, and some are special needs babies? Get off stairstepper (still nekkid, I might add) and go get a towel & the special ne…

Crimson & Clover

Well, since I woke up with a MUCH BRIGHTER song, I thought I would post a card that matches, sorta. this is using embosslit borders (4 of them) on one piece of card stock, stamping same sentiment inside each and adding ribbon. Simple and heartfelt. I find the most heartfelt things are usually also the simplest. Like saying "I love you" and meaning it. It is a great way to start your day... try it!

Speaking of starting days... it is a gorgeous day in Central Texas. Not only has the barometer picked itself up out of the dregs of a low pressure front and climbed back up to a respectable 30.10 but I also got to walk with a friend at OMG A.M. The things we do to stay healthy.

Speaking of healthy... (seeing a pattern here in today's post?) today is the 25th of the month. 90 days since my last Western Rx. And the results? Well, as I posted previously, my last menses was a success as far as I am concerned. Traditional Chinese Medicine IS having ONLY positive effects on the INSIDE …

Burning Through

You know, I don't write these... I just wake up with snippets from them. This snippet was actually the lines in bold below. Sigh. Back to bed.

Every single day is another test of my will.
Confusion never dies it just stands still.
And all we are is emptiness and a little space to fill.
Have you ever come to realize it wasn't enough to kill me.

'Cause I saw it coming and I ran the other way.
I took time to see that I'm alive today
Every time I try I end up right back where I was before, alone.
It wasn't enough to kill me!

As you walk away you were everything for me.
I'm living for today so my worries can't destroy me.
Cause I am stronger with everything you do
But everything is soaked up inside and burning through.

'Cause I saw you coming and I ran the other way.
I took time to see that I'm alive today.
Every time I try I end up right back where I was before,
Alone and burning through.

As the sky turns burning red I can live without you.
Whatever's left inside…

A little bit more

:-) A lovely day... in spite of the barometer.... and a great weekend!!
And now, a good night to you all!