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well, song of the day is appropriate, seeing as how I am posting a pic I took of my art area. Online group was wanting to see each other's spaces, so this is it.. be warned!!

There is an explanation that goes with it... but I will spare you that part!

One Sheet Wonder challenge

Well, I did it... I took an 8.5x11" piece of paper, decorated it, then cut it up and used for A4 cards. The challenge, you wonder? To make TEN cards from only the ONE decorated piece of paper. And, if you count them in the picture above, I made 11. Most people get 7-8 cards. :-) I SO ROCK!! And I love paper, so this is a big thing for me. How much time did it take me? About 5 mins for the background paper, which was done several days ago so it could dry. That is my latest craze-- alcohol inks. Then about another 5 mins to cut up the paper. And based on the color in the DP (decorated paper) I pulled random sheets of paper & scrap out of my "Blue Purple Green" drawer and commenced to applying pieces of DP to cardstock. POOF! All in all, about an hour to make 11 cards, including folding cards, cutting backing pieces, punching out shapes, gluing, etc. Not bad for an evening.... not bad.