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trans nightmare?

Well, after having taken the F150 to National Transmission (South Austin shop) for repair, it was speedily done and for reasonable cost. I'd only dealt with William (North Austin location) before, but was so impressed by their work on my personal car as well as all the work we'd referred them in my years at Tarrytown Automotive (now Newberry Automotive at its new location) that I had no qualms whatsoever in taking the F150 south. However, when it came time to pick up the vehicle, I was told that I could not have it because the service that they use (Global Check Services) said my check use is too low. 1) I have banked with Compass continually for over 15 years, and 2) the check use is low because I usually use my check card, and 3) Compass closed my original account after a book of checks was stolen and opened a new one, starting my checks where the original account left off. However, besides being inconvenienced this evening, possibly late for our 7pm celebration, and miss…


Well, in a yahoo group that is doing an altered book round robin and we mail out once a month... but I have not gotten a book yet for July so I missed the deadline, for obvious reasons. Not that I mind too much, as long as everyone keeps in touch and we keep track of each other's books...but it was already gonna be a "long haul" from March to September, now it is looking more like December...patience, grasshopper!

On a more positive note, 3 rituals this week... already did one (Esbat) Sunday... Lammas is tomorrow... our HF is Saturday.... we managed to schedule the rest of life in between so we'd have ritual/off/class/off/ritual/off/ritual. Last week ran me ragged, I tell you. That disease... you know the one... "MMS".... terrible thing!!

On the art side, I have been pining away for my art to spend some time with it FINALLY on I am compromising... hidden under my desk at work is a shallow little box with some bare neces…