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Saturday........................ ahhhhhhh

Ah, a grand day! Ellen spent last night with us after Movie Night so I got to cook up some breakfast for people before I fed lizards. Then the 2 guys building a sunroof for the pups showed up. Then women started gathering for art day so I got to see some of my FAVE GALS for a while... even one from SA! Then they all cleared out and I "cooked" dinner (I nuked leftovers!) for us while we watched the end of "Independence Day". Now, as the sun sets and the temp starts crawling down under 100`F, we venture back out into the daylight to plant a few bushes, uproot the volunteer willow (has taken root right at the edge of the house so it cannot stay) and then water a bit. Sunday, the 2 guy roofing team is due back (concrete had to set) to complete the job, Festival planning kicks off @ 10:30am, book group is 1-3pm, and then home again just in time to eat, clean up critters and go to bed. A FUN FILLED weekend, all told!

we got rain!!!

this is a bird stamp from SU set "Everything"... I stamped it, colored it, cut it out and placed it offset on some layers :-)

storm blew thru last night... latish... 10pm or so... tried for some lightning pics but was getting blown around & rained on, so they are not much to look at.

off to check the rain gage and walk the kitties...

have a blessed weekend!!! Start NOW!

Why you always running in place

okay... double sided DSP... this was left over from using the reverse side for some other project. Same stamp in line pastel fluid chalk, a leftover strip of DSP from another card (black & white piece) and then stamped women on bottom right corner.

So, 2nd Thursday program is tonight and I have nothing to do about it because June is not my month to organize it!! I am so happy! One of our local Priestesses will be sharing some insight on how Austin RCG goes about being a Circle of Positive Practitioners" .. should be interesting. And it is at GD's home which is a short driver for me... even better!

Mailed out Dad's Day card and some pen pals. Other than that, no card activity this week. Mostly yard work. Cleaned out some remnants of stuff from the last 5 years at work so I can bring in new stuff ... LOL... was so crowded I had no place for anything else. Where's the fun in that? Today is sorting so I can file tomorrow. Yee Ha... sigh

Hump Day is off and running.... without me!

This card is made using a piece of wallpaper sample and the focal background! Stamped and then embossed w/black detail EP, then stamped sentiment down the side on another piece of the WP sample and embossed with gold EP. Mounted to white cardbase... Done!

The week is at its halfway point... and I am not. Loads of things to do still. Tonight is watering the back yard only there is a sabbat planning meeting in N Austin at 7:30pm. Will be 10pm before I manage to crawl home, THEN water. RAIN RAIN RAIN

Thursday is the ongoing monthly workshop series. Friday is Movie Night. Saturday is Art Day here @ SPirit Stone Sanctuary. Sunday is Kickoff for October's 17th annual festival and then Book Club.


working 8-5

ahhhhh.... another day! This is a card made from a recycled grocery bag (Thank you, Whole Foods!) that has been embellished a bit with Stickles glitter glue and stamped in VersaMark then embossed w/blue EP. HighLowAha had a very interesting post this morning... such an inspiring group of people over there. A different creative thought 6 days a week! Can you imagine... and it is in its 2nd So, nothing new to add really, for the day. Last drum class for Spirit. Still watering the new trees... 18 total now. And already the grass is crunchy, which concerns me as we we've not even come into official summer yet. Sigh.

Dirty Dishes

Wanna hear something amazing? I've been studying how dishes at work get used by my coworkers and then, wonder of wonders, suddenly reappear, clean & ready to be used again. All without ANY effort from the people who dirtied them in the 1st place. Amazing, is it not? I tried that at home but it does not work... I leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight but they are STILL THERE in the morning. Why is it different at work? Are the dishes at work MAGIC? Is it just those dishes? Or is it the people eating off them that do the magic? Could it be that simple? Is it that, if they ignore the dirty dishes long enough, the dishes will get fed up and wash themselves? Stay tuned...

When you found me

Dragonflies... I love them! cut this one out, attached to card w/adhesive... card is a brayered background... and embossed sentiment in green.

home again home again jiggety jig

A lovely day spent at Springfest yesterday... today, 2 new trees to put into the ground, some weeds to pull, a volunteer willow tree to transplant... and a lunar this evening in S Austin...wheeeee