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TGIF...for me!

This card is to encourage others to actually write & send "Thank You" cards or letters...postcards even!. But it seems to be a lost art these days?

I am off until Monday... tomorrow 9am is a court appearance with my ex-husband re:Child Support. Keep in mind, the "child" is 23 now. Sigh. So from Uhland to many counties is that one way? Lemme think... only 4. Tee hee. Not that he is worth the drive, but it is required that I be there, just in case he actually appears this time. He is (95%) of the time a "no-show" but this time he has an attorney. Umm,...why? I know you are peeved about still having to pay support 5 years later but if you had started paying way back when you would be done by now.

Stay tuned!

Happy Hump Day

For me, that means filling propane bottles. We rotate (in theory) between the 3 office staff...but somehow I got to do them yesterday... hmmm. Sigh.

This card was done bc I had a tag but nothing to do with it all by its lonesome... and I had some frenchy looking images in the same sepia colour family. So... they became one. It is a "bon voyage" card with a removable bookmark (the tag).

Use scissors to make a pocket from the image using a backing piece of DP & ink. Insert tag. Done!

So, a total of 12 women for the workshop.. that is where I am going to cap the attendance, I think. Too many & we'll be gluing each other instead of our art projects...YIKES!

today I meet Serena

A guy came into work to talk shop... mentioned he & his wife were new to town & that she was into making her own greeting cards. Well, who would *I* be not to welcome her to town? :-)

This is a lovely handmade paper, some stickers & a ribbon.
"I love You" in a way I love best...simple.

Have a LOVELY day... I know I will! Propane season calming down a bit, fully staffed today (was not yesterday) and my annual rentals (pain in neck!) all billed out!

Like L5's shirt said... "Life is GOOD"


Take time to realize

Watched Twilight (again) with a friend last night... which was a reall ygood idea since we think the theaters may be so overrun with Avatar that we'll be abel to get in. Speaking of, saw Avatar @ the IMAX yesterday with Rebel, then went shopping so he could get some shoes to complete his "Student Teacher" dresswear. Man, he was looking SHARP by the time we were done. And no, I did NOT get a picture... he was not THAT cooperative. But stay tuned, I will keep trying.

Tonight is dinner with a friend we've not seen in ages plus a friend we saw last Saturday but never get enough of. If Spirit gets lucky, Rebel will marinate & grill the steaks. :-) I am already lucky because I am cooking nothing for dinner. Of course, that is because (unlike the 2 of them) I am headed to work shortly. Sigh, off to earn kibble.

Card is one of my fave stamps, a piece of ribbon & a sticker, all on a recycled piece of cardstock. Reduce, reuse, recycle.