TGIF...for me!

This card is to encourage others to actually write & send "Thank You" cards or letters...postcards even!. But it seems to be a lost art these days?

I am off until Monday... tomorrow 9am is a court appearance with my ex-husband re:Child Support. Keep in mind, the "child" is 23 now. Sigh. So from Uhland to many counties is that one way? Lemme think... only 4. Tee hee. Not that he is worth the drive, but it is required that I be there, just in case he actually appears this time. He is (95%) of the time a "no-show" but this time he has an attorney. Umm,...why? I know you are peeved about still having to pay support 5 years later but if you had started paying way back when you would be done by now.

Stay tuned!
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