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There is more to February than groundhogs, chocolates & lacy hearts. February is the time for stirring deep within, when seeds of new growth begin to awaken. It is the time of Brigid & Imbolc. It is the time to shut out the world and find the creativity amidst the quiet. When we find stillness, we make room for creativity. By the time February rolls around I've survived the "holiday season" (is it my imagination or does Christmas seem to have a never-ending retail life now?) and all the affronts from "well meaning" Christians who do not understand the Old Ways or that I practice them.

In spite of all the marketing barrage for this month, it is the time I turn inward. This is when new sensations and new life (creative and otherwise) form deep within. A sense of restlessness often manifests as "cabin fever" or "the blues". Direct action is needed in order to rekindle the creative fires. Brigid rekindles those fires as it is she that s…

today's spell

Silver Coin Divination February 5th, 2007
Color of the day: Gray Incense of the day: Clove

According to legend, this is a powerful day for divination. Since this is a day ruled by the Moon, the following divination would be appropriate. Fill a cauldron or a dark-colored bowl with water. Drop a silver coin into the water and darken the room. Light a candle behind you. When the surface of the water is still, gaze intently at the coin. Blink naturally and relax. The water-filled cauldron represents the depths of the inner self. The coin signifies the Moon in its full phase, and the height of psychic power. Think of a specific question. Your answer may come to you as a symbol or an actual image. The water may mist over and then clear, revealing an image. Keep your scrying sessions short—about ten minutes. If you wish, keep a journal of the things you see.

And, as I have had bronchitis for the last 8-10 days, that is about all I can manage...sit & stare at something for no mor…