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Year of Project for 2014

I have been participating in a group that was originally called Highlowaha bc that was what started it.. focusing on one HIGH, one LOW & one AHA moment every month. It has since progressed into "House of Shine" and has many bright & intelligent people as well as some really cool projects. One of those Projects is "The Year of Project" . I have been involved with this particular project since its inception and this year will be no exception. 2014 will be my "Year of the Art Journal". I have always wanted to do one but have always managed to move it to the back burner because so many other things have more importance to them than the project I want to work on that is just for myself. This year, I am doing it. I will still continue making greeting cards in my spare time off work, as well as jewelry, altering books, reading, lounging on the beach, etc... BUT this year I will make time to make art just because I want to. I have made the book wi…