Life starts now

Actually, the name of the song is "Higher Places" but the album is "Life Starts Now" and I liked that title better for the post. I was thinking, as I was bleeding, about those people that say "Wow, you have all those animals? You are so lucky!". I have already posted a typical 'day in the life' for us @ Spirit Stone Sanctuary. Today I will show you what "lucky' looks like on a not-so-typical morning.

Awaken @ 5:30am as usual. Kick Spirit out to walk the dogs so I can placate the cat stealing a rubber band off the bedside table (you know the results of a cat shewing rubber bands?). Chase cat into living room, tripping on another one in the process. Walk for 20 minutess on stairstepper while listening to the 3rd cat yowl in discomfort THE WHOLE TIME. Wait, did I mention that "all those animals" are rescues, and some are special needs babies? Get off stairstepper (still nekkid, I might add) and go get a towel & the special needs shampoo. Move dirty dishes to one side of sink so I can wrestle the 17 pound Siamese with skin & ear issues into the other. Coat said sumo in a green, sticky colloidal oatmeal shampoo. HOLD junior sumo for next 10 minutes while shampoo soaks into skin. Attempt to rinse thoroughly without additional injury to either party.
Straight-jacket him in towel, remove from kitchen full of sharp objects to couch in living room. Semi towel him dry then release miffed ball of sharp-clawed fur to go be pacified by Mama Kitty (the one I tripped over @ 5:30am). Check watch... 6:15am. Feed dogs, take shower, get dressed.
Look for angry kitty & apologize. Blog.

Tonight I start my training as web mistress for the Festival of the Goddess. The person that graciously donated the time (lots & lots of time) to do it last year (bc no one on committee knows how) lives in Dallas, Tx. And so I will be heading that way to learn our website. That way I can get started on this year's Festival (#18!!). Original plan had been attend party for friend in from out of state tonight, then drive to Dallas early Saturday morning, spend night, then come home Sunday prepared. But due to plan change on other end, my education has been moved up a day. Bummer to miss party, but is needed learning. I am one of the Registration Divas & I cannot even upload the form to our site. Yikes!

Ias going to post a pic of the now medicated Siamese, but he just walked by and glared at me. the clock tells me it is 6:40am so time to wash dishes, make breakfast for people while Spirit makes breakfast for lizard denizens. then pack lunches, see if it is light enough to figure out how to turn on solar fence (that was last night's project for the resident mastiff). Gulp coffee, pick up neighbor kid & hit the road. Sigh. On the other hand.. IT IS FRIDAY!!! And tomorrow is Spirit's last Saturday shift. After this, for the 1st time since those 4 weekends in Jan 2008, we will both be working a Mon-Fri schedule. Wow. No weekends working outside the home, just at home, building fences, etc.
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