And so begins November

Well, it is THE SEASON at work, so I am being kept fairly busy. With that said, I inherited a pasta maker yesterday and stayed up cranking out Sculpey til almost 1am. Today I am a tired puppy, but some pals are coming over to play with my inner child tonight. Still doing my Weight Watchers program, but I have switched from Flex to Core plan. Now that it is has cooled off somewhat, the future looks brighter for walking. Callie is adjusting to being indoors. Buoy's ears are much better after clearing up the bacterial infection ... poor little man. Abigale's sleepover at Windsor's has become a semi-permanent arrangement... I miss her, but she seems to like the space & the quiet. ..Callie was just driving her up the wall. TIme to make final installment on Jayce's college semester...then figure out how to pay for the next semester... :-(
And, I will be travelling to Mom's (have not been since May 2005) to deliver goodies.. turns out she has an older sewing machine she is willing to loan me, let me see what comes of that. Really enjoyed sewing class but not really sure there is a reason to own my own machine. Am on waiting list for a little used number like one I used in class... so will see how it goes. 60 days left int he year, just over 3 weeks until Turkey Day and I have made no plans,,, I like that. Loose. Stress free. Asked my son about it, he is same way... no real plans, just playing it loose. And so life continues....
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