Happy 19th Birthday Jayce!!

Wow, my "baby boy" is 19 today... how did that happen? I am not old enough for this!!
And January is off to a rip-roaring start, I tell ya.Last Saturday I spent helping Sheila scrapbook Jessi's dance career to date (3 years, we only got through the 1st one) then she took me to dinner as a "Thank You". My first experience at Johnny Carino's... wow.... Tiramisu, the most heavenly Italian dessert, and a cup of espresso. I am hooked, I tell ya! Then we watched "Mind Hunters"...what a great movie. Did NOT end the way I was heading...I like those. Sunday brought the mess that is "Area Service Committee". Nothing like trying to get all sorts of personalities to agree on anything. I was so put out by the whole deal that I am tendering my resignation on my committee. But, to wash away that stain I have another fun-filled weekend coming up... it is Art Saturday! This month we will be gathering in Marble Falls. Gayle, Pam & I are carpooling, along with a detour for lunch @ The Bluebonnet Cafe. Sunday we have family coming over for Jayce's birthday. Lizzie is adapting well but is quite different than Chester. Besides her smaller stature she is more fond of seeds than yogurt, not at all fond of travelling (via her clear ball) across the wide open stretches of carpet. Her own little personality, I tell ya. The sweetest little face, and she has the tiniest dainty hands! Pictures soon, I promise. Did not want to freak her out with a flash photo yet.
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