Well, last posted on a Friday....seeing a pattern there? Friday is "Loose Ends Day" around here, and then I can catch up on other stuff. :=) This weeks PS class was on OBEs, astral projection, things of that nature. Interesting...Spirit is also taking class & is a bit more advanced in that area. I had no luck in class with it, am working more out of class with the techniques. I KNOW I can do it, it is the conscious control that I suck at. Patience is required, it seems...not my forte!

Great Summer Solstice ritual last night... the altar was just LUSH & GORGEOUS. I even took pics, but will have to stay tuned as it was late & they are still on camera card. Every night this week has been go go go go. Between Sunday's trip to the IMAX for "Mummies:Secrets of the Pharaohs" to the sabbat planning meeting, psychic skills class, esbat planning meeting, the actual Sabbat...argh!! And, to add to the pile, I signed up for a class by Sage Maurer @ the Gaia School of Healing ... it is only for the next 2 Wednesdays, but I just could NOT resist. The 1st one is "Plants of the Goddess - Psychoactive Plants Around the World" and the next one is about creating a large medicine wheel of the four elements with herbs, stones, and animal spirits.

And, on an even more positive note, Spirit seems to have gotten the schedule worked out and does NOT have to work this weekend. Altho I did see some dancing in the street today... I am guessing that is because of the massive overtime racked up last Sat & Sun? LOL.

On a more mental note.... the WTI program I enrolled in requires I learn about and fashion my own cosmology/thealogoy. That has been going nowhere, so far. I mean, I have my ideas, but... kinda trying to figure out how to go about laying it all out, giving it some flesh, so to speak, and make it a WORKING model.

And, taking a look at the upcoming week, I see me working tomorrow 8-noon... yawn! Tuesday is the next PS class, Weds is Sage's herb class, Thurs I meet with my WTI advisor, Friday is free (usually try to keep it that way, an evening of rest between running all week & then the wknd), Saturday is the Esbat, Sunday is the Book Goddess meeting at Bookwoman! Wheeeee
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