I don't wanna miss a thing

How appropriate is that song to wake up to? We all know I suffer from MMS (Might Miss Something) disease...

so, here is a list of things that have come to me to create but that I have not yet found the time for ... sigh.... portable altar tins lightswitch covers incense bottles goddess paper dolls

Spirit had drum class last night...I was thinking... "yea!! time alone to do ME stuff" ...right? WRONG!

What DID I do, then? Well, lessee... cooked dinner, bathed 4 dragons, 2 uros, cleaned the cavey's cave, picked up food dishes, washed all the dishes (people & creature), pulled weeds, watered front & back yards and porch plants, checked on the neighbor's yard fire, settled Agathos into his new habitat (by myself) and then moved it into place (that took a neighbor's help). So, I finished my chore list, ready for some art time... and I look at the clock... 8:53pm. ARGH!! Time to make coffee, account for everyone's where abouts & get ready for bed. And, to boot, last night was the last "free" night of the week :-( Tonight is 2nd Thursday workshop (Ellen's Tarot!!!), tomorrow is "Peace & Crowd" for dinner, Saturday is Art Day @ Gayle's, Sunday is Book Goddesses (and no, I am NOT done with the book...yet".

Am looking at the calendar... next free day... May 15th...argh!!!!
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