a hundred years to live

One of my several attempts with a brayer... sigh... who knew something could be so HARD to get RIGHT? Michelle Zindorf is coming to Texas, however, in March of 2010...and I am already signed up!! this is simple gray cardbase, some eyelash fibers, a metal tag I recycled from work (they printed # wrong) and am using the back of... that is it.

Rain...we got 1/2 an inch Monday after Sunday night's rain circle. Last night it rained more to the northeast of us but we still got a spattering here after Tuesday's lunar ritual. Tonight, we'll circle again and see what comes Friday.

:-) I hear my "Oh no!" alarm so gotta go feed critters, feed myself, pack lunches, let in cats, etc... just as soon as I get my grandpuppy off my foot!
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