Just another Manic Monday

Well, what a wild weekend, at least for me! First, I managed to sleep until NOON on Sunday!! That was a first, I think. Then I worked on my clays, baking some Polymer, painting some air dry & sealing. Also spent some time with my shrink plastic ideas. Coming along... Then, my son & I went to see "Batman Begins". Wow, 2 movies in a weekend, whatever will happen next?
Now it is Monday and work is just hopping... Diana is out today, Peggy was at lunch from 11am-noon, and the phones were just ringing off the wall! We have 5 phone lines. ARGH!! Now she is back and I am going to try to catch up a bit. Hard to do when I am bloggin, you would think. So, off I go! Oh, and as a PS: My son managed to crack the LCD on his laptop...gawd I hope that is covered under the "Extended Warranty" plan... ARRGGGHHHH
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