Saturday, in the park....

And no, I DON'T think it is the 4th of July. .. I'm quite sure it is March 12th, 2011. My brain is not at all fried. In fact, between the Prasada @ Good Karma Cafe, the Acupuncture & Massage with Laureli and the Yoga with Adam, I am probably in the best health I have ever been!
Stormed here a bit this week.. a coupla tornadoes, even, but we are fine, and dry. Storage pop-up in back yard made it through just peachy, as well.
Spent yesterday making some cards.. got a tad over a dozen done, to add to the rest I have finished earlier in the week. Will put those for sale @ Good Karma Tuesday, and maybe at the Essential Herb Cottage as well. Been trying to create create create so I can sell some at the local weekend farmer's market as well as those 2 other locations.
Alright, here is a card from this week...enjoy, and may your weekend be filled with blessings!
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